| Advertiser: Sunbeam Theatre

| Background: Sunbeam Theatre is a theatre located in North Point.
It was a cinema at first but it is now famous of Chinese opera performance.
Acting as a stage, a special character was built. It nearly closed down and was renovated in 2012.
However, because of its old image and insufficient utilization of the venue.
It has the problem of sustaining its business.

| Objective: The communication objective is to promote the cult and local character of Sunbeam Theatre to the mass.
And to propose a sustainable way to help continue its business with young generation support.
Also, to motivate Indie performers to choose Sunbeam Theatre as their performance place and feel cool to perform there.

| Idea: 大乜龍鳳 No Big Drama

| Message: Indie人洗乜搞咁多野 Indie is less for real

| Target Audience: People who aged 18-35, both performers and audience

| Stage 1 : Print Teaser - Poster of fake moviesTeasers will be displayed on MTR four sheet, Sunbeam Theatre billboard
and online promotion to draw mass attention and evoke their curiosity by using nonsense wordings e.g. free price, 1min length etc.

| Stage 2 : Video - Fake Movie To acknowledge the indie music players with this upcoming program and to invite them to join the first launch of program,
the videos will be sent to them by direct mail. Later, there would be first screening in the theatre and uploaded online.

| Stage 3:  Print, leaflets and facebook promotionAfter the screening of three videos, the program 大乜龍鳳 would be launched for the first time.
At the same time, poster of the program would be displayed at MTR station and Sunbeam Theatre Billboard.
Leaflets will also be distributed during the program and more information would be revealed on Facebook page.

| Stage 4: Mobile Application and FacebookAt the same time, the program would collaborate with an existing indie music mobile app - Indiecast.fm
to let audience get more details of the program. If the audience love the performance,
they can pay for how much they want to through the app also.
Audience can keep follow the news of the program online.

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